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AEM Power Digital Boost Gauge
List Price: $199.95
Our Price: $162.58
You save $37.37!

These AEM Power digital display gauges feature 24 color-coded LED lights that change from green to yellow to red for immediate reference to the measured parameter. They use a standard 52mm diameter housing that fits in most gauge pods and can be remotely mounted virtually anywhere. AEM Power digital display gauges include interchangeable silver and black bezels and silver and black faceplates that allow you to personalize the look to your liking. Wire up these AEM digital display gauges with the included harness and sensor and start monitoring your engine.
-Gauge Size (in) 2 1/16" diameter
-Gauge Size (mm) 52.40mm diameter
Snow Performance Boost Cooler Stage-1 Water/Methanol Injection Systems
Our Price: $299.95

In gasoline engines, as with any intercooler, Stage-1 Boost Coolers suppress detonation, so more power-producing boost and timing can be utilized. Water, with its high latent heat of vaporization, cools the intake charge and combustion. Methanol cools the charge and combustion, but also acts like an extremely high-octane fuel (some researchers claim as high as 120 octane) and adds more oxygen to combustion. These systems contain everything needed to start making big HP! They're designed for use in gasoline (6-15 psig boost) supercharged/turbocharged vehicles.

Systems include:

* 150 psi high-volume pump
* Adjustable boost pressure switch
* 3 qt. reservoir
* Two nozzles sized to your FWHP and boost levels
* Bosch relay and all the electrical parts
* Fittings, tubing, etc. for installation
AEM Power TRU-BOOST Gauge-Type Controller Kit
List Price: $399.95
Our Price: $318.95
You save $81.00!

These AEM Power TRU-BOOST gauge-type controller kits feature an electronic boost controller that combines the simplicity of a manual boost controller with the added ease of adjusting boost levels through a gauge interface. There is no external interface required for setup and they are fully functional right out of the box. If you want more boost, press the button on the right of the gauge face, and if you want less boost, press the button on the left of the gauge face. It's that simple, and it works! The AEM Power TRU-BOOST gauge-type controller kits contain everything you need, including an on-board 29 psig pressure sensor, built-in overboost protection with two timed shutdown levels, a scramble boost setting, and a low-side output for a warning light. AEM includes a boost control solenoid that is the only one specifically manufactured for automotive boost applications. This means that it will not corrode and stick from exposure to rich fuel mixtures, is pressure-tested to 100 psi, and includes -4 AN fittings to eliminate any chance of leaks. If you are looking for easy boost adjustment all in one gauge, then try one of these AEM Power TRU-BOOST gauge-type controller kits for the ultimate tuning tool. Displays digital LED numbers and sweeping LED "needle".

-Gauge Size (in) 2 1/16" diameter
-Gauge Size (mm) 52.40mm diameter
ATI Super Damper Harmonic Balancer F-Body/GTO LS1 (ProCharger)
Our Price: $469.95

ATI Super Damper Harmonic Balancer - Fits all '98-'02 F-Body Camaro / Firebird, '04-'06 GTO, 2010+ Camaro. SFI Approved. Required for all ProCharger systems utilizing a 8-rib crank pulley.
'98-'02 Camaro/Firebird LS1 Customizable ProCharger Supercharger Systems
Procharger Kits Starting At: $6,226.00